For individuals who are still experiencing distress 3 months after a traumatic event, therapy to target the ongoing symptoms is often helpful. In this study, we are providing no cost therapy. This therapy is based on previous research that shows it is effective in treating trauma related symptoms.

We are also curious about how cannabis use affects treatment. Many individuals use cannabis to help cope with trauma related symptoms. More still needs to be known about how cannabis use may affect recovery following trauma. In this study, we want to begin to answer this question.

This study is unique in that the treatment is brief and daily. We are testing a 6 session, daily treatment with an individual therapist. It can be difficult to complete a long-term treatment over several months. We would like to see if a shorter version can be just as effective and can allow you to return to your life with as little interruption as possible. Thus, this treatment study is looking to understand how a brief treatment might help trauma survivors with and without cannabis use.

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