Research Procedures

Individuals who choose to participate in this study will participate in several research related tasks. If you are interested in participating, below is an overview of what to expect.

**We have resumed in-person and online appointments for research studies in accordance with University of Washington guidelines. Please see The UW Human Subjects Division Page for more information.

After a brief phone screen with trained study staff, if it seems that the study is likely to be a good fit based on the phone screen questions you will be scheduled for an in-person baseline assessment interview. During this interview you will meet with a trained interviewer who will spend 2-3 hours trying to get a sense of what is bothering you most and whether or not our study is likely to help you.

If we determine that the study is a good fit, you will be scheduled for an additional pre-treatment visit to answer questionnaires, and complete a physiological learning task.

Following this, free treatment begins. There are six 50-min, daily therapy sessions with a study therapist. You will meet with the same therapist at each visit.

Finally, there are two follow-up assessments, a post treatment and a 3-month follow-up, to check in on how you are doing. We will also be available to help you get connected with other resources and support if needed at anytime.

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